13. century England of Robin Hood and friends, they live in the village, erected against corruption, the king attempted to revolt against the balance of power had changed forever. By some thief, described by some as a hero, this unassuming man became a symbol of the freedom of their people.

King Richard’s army against the French while serving their own interests, just think of Robin, the Sheriff of Nottingham minded tyrant is gone to the pressure of heavy taxes in my town, my encounters with moaning. There falls in love with a widow named Lady Marion. Lady Marion’ın but, coming from the forest and the identity of this man’s actions have some doubts. To win the heart of the woman he loves and towns who want to save Robin, their lifestyle is appropriate to establish a gang of people. Sheriff’s collaborators from the upper class to destroy the injustice by one they begin to hunt.

Robin and his men, and sail to the greatest adventure of their lives. This extraordinary heroes and allies, the country from falling into a bloody civil war and would return to England once again in victory.


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April 30, 2010 at 2:36 am
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